Winterizing Your Mercedes-Benz

Winterizing Your Mercedes-Benz

Winterizing Your Mercedes-Benz

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We know, we can’t believe it’s almost winter, too. Every single year it seems to sneak up on us, and it’s often our cars that suffer the most. This year, we’re doing our best to give people some helpful tips to make sure that their Mercedes-Benz will last throughout the entire winter without running into any problems! At Mercedes-Benz of Charlottesville, we are dedicated to giving our customers the help they need to ensure that they can handle anything that mother nature throws at them. Ready to learn some helpful winterizing tips? Keep reading down below where we’ll make sure that you have all of the information you need to not make any major pit stops this winter. Stay warm!

Pack a winter kit

The very first thing we are going to discuss with you is creating a winter safety kit. This should hopefully be a last resort sort of deal, but that doesn’t make it any less important. The idea of this kit is to give you potential items that you might need in case of an emergency, like your vehicle being stranded. Some suggestions of things you might want to include in this kit include a flashlight with batteries, warm clothing, non-perishable food, water, a first aid kit, matches, jumper cables, a bag of sand, extra antifreeze, and a car tool kit.

Have your vehicle serviced

We want to make sure that we get this point across as soon as possible, because this could be incredibly important. If you have been experiencing any issues previous to winter beginning, now is an important time to get those problems fixed. While you are getting your Mercedes-Benz serviced at our service center, we can also make sure that we check your brakes, battery, cooling system, wires, hoses, and cables.

Change to winter tires

Many people find that they are more comfortable driving in the winter when they have snow tires. This means that it’s important that you switch your tires as soon as you can tell that snow is going to fall. Snow tires ensure that you get more grip on the road, which should mean less skidding, especially with ice and snow.

Check windshield wipers

We understand that windshield wipers feel like such a small component to be worried about, but trust us, you want your windshield wipers to be functioning properly. They are in charge of ensuring that you can see out of your Mercedes-Benz, which means if you have wipers that are old, or just streaky, it might be time to switch them out. Nothing is more important than giving yourself all of the tools for success.

Winterizing Your Mercedes-Benz at Mercedes-Benz of Charlottesville

We hope that these helpful tips are able to help you prepare your vehicle for the winter months. If there is something that you are unsure about, you can call our service center today, and we have professionals who can help you out! At Mercedes-Benz of Charlottesville, no problem is too small for us to figure out. Schedule an appointment today!