What is Mercedes me Charge?

What is Mercedes me Charge?

What is Mercedes me Charge?

Mercedes of Charlottesville explains the new Mercedes EV Plug and Charge Concept


One of the big concerns for owners of electric vehicles is knowing where to get them charged when traveling away from home. Fortunately, the infrastructure for EV charging is growing quickly with companies like ChargePoint and Electrify America installing stations around the US at breakneck speed.


The Daimler Group, the parent company of the Mercedes-Benz brand, is taking the whole charging station ecosystem to a different level, though. Integrated with their new 2022 EQS S-Class sedan, Daimler is taking a holistic approach to charging with their Mercedes me Charge system. Mercedes me Charge offers simpler and more convenient charging with Plug & Charge technology and, as a bonus, allows drivers to opt for Green electricity sources.


Can you tell me about the Mercedes EQS sedan?

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan is one of the most sophisticated EVs ever built and is the flagship of the German automaker’s electrified future. It features beautiful, curvaceous bodywork and luxurious interior appointments combined with state-of-the-art safety and infotainment technology. It will be available in the form of an EV sedan with either a 329-hp, rear-drive powertrain or a 516-hp, all-wheel-drive. Both are powered by a large 107.8-kWh battery that should provide more than 300 miles of driving range.


How does the Plug and Charge Concept work?

The new Mercedes me Charge Plug & Charge system makes it simple to charge the EQS sedan at public charging stations wherever they are located. All one has to do is connect the charging cable from the EQS to the charging kiosk and charging begins. No further authentication from the customer is required because the vehicle and the charging station communicate directly via the charging cable.


Location and information about a charging station’s compatibility with Plug & Charge is available on the navigation map of the EQS and in the Mercedes me App.


What is Green Charging?

To promote the use of electricity from renewable energies, Mercedes-Benz uses “guarantees of origin” to make the charging process green. This ensures that an equivalent amount of electricity from renewable resources is fed into the grid that feeds the charging station to compensate for the EV charging process. Functionally, this amount of energy is offset with green power creating incentives to invest in renewable energy plants.


How many charging stations are available now?

Presently, the Mercedes me Charge network enables access to almost 60,000 public charging points in the USA.  In addition, a relationship with ChargePoint allows access to over 60,000 semi-public charging points that reside in access-controlled environments like workplaces, shopping malls, and hotels.


This combination of public and semi-public access makes the Mercedes me Charge network the largest integrated charging network in the US. Additional network partners are scheduled to join the service, ensuring coverage will continue to grow as Mercedes expands its electric portfolio of vehicles.


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