Mercedes-Benz Preparing to go All-Electric

Mercedes-Benz Preparing to go All-Electric

Mercedes-Benz Preparing to go All-Electric

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We all know that the future is coming even sooner than anyone could have anticipated and that even means that Mercedes-Benz is making a very real push to prepare to go completely electric from 2025 onwards. What does this mean for you? It means that all of the newly launched architecture from the 2025 model year, and on, will make sure that it is only electric. This shift from electric-first to electric-only is a push for this luxury automotive brand to make a future that is emissions-free. We are here to talk about this goal, how Mercedes-Benz is making it happen, and what this means for everyone as the years start to tick by. We are positive that the time and engineering behind these vehicles is enough for anyone to understand that the future is bright, and the future is now.

What is the technology plan?

When the 2025 models launch, there will be three electric-only architectures available. These architectures include an MB.EA, which covers medium to large size passenger sedans and establishes a scalable modular system. The second architecture is AMG®.EA, dedicated towards the performance electric vehicle platform, working hard to address performance-oriented customers. The final option is VAN.EA, which is being made specifically with vans and Light commercial vehicles in mind, so transportation, and work-oriented vehicles are not forgotten either. Throughout, whether it’s the vertical integration, charging, or batteries, Mercedes-Benz has a plan to ensure that the all-electric future is one that you can truly be excited about.

What about the production plan?

It’s one thing to just write all of this down on paper, and have sketches drawn out. It’s another to actually have a plan in motion to get all of these vehicles man. That’s why early investments have been made into flexible manufacturing. Actually, Mercedes-Benz can mass-produce BEVs already today! When next year rolls around, 8 different electric vehicles will be produced on three separate continents. Another major perk when it comes to production is the partnership with GROB for the innovative battery production that works to strengthen the capacity. There are no weak points that have yet to be addressed.

Can you tell us about the Mercedes-Benz workforce?

The transition with vehicles includes more than just the focus on the models themselves, but the people that put them together. That is why Mercedes has been working overtime to transform the workforce, make use of re-skilling schemes, and even offer early retirement. There will be TechAcademies to offer specific training, and just in the 2020 year, around 20,000 employees were trained in different parts of e-mobility.

Electric Vehicles at Mercedes-Benz of Charlottesville

We are here to tell you that at Mercedes-Benz of Charlottesville, we are dedicated to giving you the best availability of models around. That means that as Mercedes-Benz shifts, we’ll be there every step of the way giving you the power and luxury that you want. We hope to see you at our dealership soon!

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